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Nagahara Flutes - Professional level flutes and headjoints


Di Zhao Flutes - Student and Advanced level C flutes,  piccolos, Alto flutes and Bass flutes

*Please contact Geraldine directly if you'd like to try or purchase  a Di Zhao flute and recive a special 10% student discount!



For sheet music and accesories:


Flute World Co.




Free Sheet music with 8notes


Free flute tunes


Petrucci Music Library



Organizations to follow:


National Flute Association


Boston Flute Academy



Recommended local repair technician:


Paul Harrington- Flute Arts





I invite you to read an article entitled "Pensar y Tocar" (translated to "Think and Perform") written by the wonderful composer Paul Desenne about the construction and craftsmanship of the flutes, mentioning myself and the company where I work, Nagahara Flutes. This article was written after a tour of the workshop and published in the month of August in the newspaper "El Nacional" of Venezuela. This article is currently offered only in Spanish.



On Tuesday August 11th, 2015 just a week shy from our farewell flute lesson,  Julia Hassan, 17,  tragically passed away while hiking in the white mountains of New Hampshire. Julia was preparing to start her college studies at Marywood University to Majot in Music Therapy.  She was a kind, smart and caring young lady with a bubbly personality and great smile, always looking after the well-being of others. 


On our last lesson I recorded Julia, something I do for self-review before audition times approach. I have only this video of her which means much more to me than I could ever have imagined. She will live on through our memories. 


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