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Geraldine morillo barazarte, flute lessons in Lowell, Flute Studio

The art of learning to play an instrument is a marvelous thing bringing discipline, creativity, and enjoyment to one's life. My hope for all students is that the lessons taught by the hard work that comes with mastering an instrument will cross over into every endeavor of their lives and that this experience will help shape them into successful leaders and contributors within their communities.

My Teaching Philosophy


To me Music is a language and a tool to communicate emotion. We first have to learn the fundamentals of the language before becoming fluid and be able to express ourselves freely. During private lessons I work a lot in mastering fundamental techniques one step at a time setting a solid base on which to build upon. Learning about the history of the music we play is also important as it helps us give a more authentic performance.I also believe that self awareness and positive thinking are the best ways to break through any issue that comes up in our studies as flutists. Through constructive comments, observations and critical thinking I explore WITH the student the possibilities and reasons why certain issues occur and then we see what can be done to correct the problem so that the student may move past the obstacle and into the musicality of it all!


In the end, for me the greatest part about teaching is watching my students grow not only as musician but also as educated members of their community. I really enjoy  sharing my knowledge with each one of my students and gathering new concepts them. Being a witness to a student's  success in achieving a personal goal is absolutely priceless. This is why I enjoy teaching so much and why I am so passionate about it! 


With each lesson I aspire to inspire my students to wholeheartedly enjoy the beautiful art that is music, and hope that the lessons learned through the hard work that comes with mastering an instrument  will cross over into every endeavor of their lives.


Lesson Structure
All Flute  lesson are customized to the student as each person has very individual learning styles and every student is at a different place in their flute studies. I do however keep general curriculum depending on the age of the student. For younger students (1st-5th grade), I prepare the lesson plans in a fun manner with games included and request the participation of the parents in the lesson to really reinforce the new material at home (this helps a lot and allows the student to improve at a quicker pace!). For Middle and High school age students we focus more on technique, tone, and building repertoire (also competition preparation once the student has achieved a certain performance level and expresses interest in participating in such). For my adult students I usually try to focus on improving their current playing ability level through studies and repertoire working on fundamentals while learning and playing music.


Rates and Availabilit
For rates and availability please contact me.

Studio Policies overview

  • Lessons may be scheduled  to take place once a week or once every other week (a weekly lesson is recommend for best results & progress).

  • Payments  are due on the first lesson of  each month for the  total scheduled lessons of that month.

  • The student or guardian must give a 24 hour cancellation notice in order to be granted re-scheduling of the lessons at a later time. Lessons will not be made-up in case of no-shows or same day cancellation (with exception of emergencies or illness).

  • Lessons cancelled by the teacher due to unforseen events will be re-scheduled according to the student's and teacher's avaialbility, usualy within the same week if possible.

  • Students must be prepared for each lesson and ready to play assignments given on the previous week.

  • Students must bring the following to each lesson:  instrument,  music, etude books, a pencil, and their practice notebook.

  • And last but not least,  every student must come ready to learn and with a positive-open mind!

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